Do I need Branding for my Business?

You probably heard the term “Branding” many times. Maybe you started your business without it, and now you are asking yourself if you need it as well. While not being sure, many business owners get confused and overwhelmed. It seems like a fancy word, but it dives very deep. Let’s break it down and get familiar with it.


What is Branding?

There are many definitions and interpretations of branding. Some only see it as a way to package a product or a service. Some might say it is a marketing plan. But at the same time, people do not want to be ”branded” or put into a box. Sadly the word originated from ranchers, who forcefully tattooed livestock. So, how can that be a positive thing?

Branding is about choices, beliefs and values. Branding gives people a clear understanding, so they can choose to love it, hate it, or be neutral about it. People follow brands that speak to them. Because we are social beings, we long for connecting to certain tribes that share our beliefs. Branding is also about trust. It is hard to gain and simple to lose.


Why branding is about trust

It sounds pretty philanthropic, but it is not. Everything a person sees, reads, and hears about your brand is building a certain perception. And, whether you want to or not, it also makes a promise about absolutely everything that is connected to your business– and even yourself. As stated before, trust is hard to gain and very simple to lose.

The world of brands has changed a lot within a century. Brands of the past seemed more distant and we bought their products out of necessity or simply because everybody else did it. Nowadays, we have a plethora of brands to choose from, thanks to the internet and global interconnection. It is important more than ever to clearly position yourself and your brand to make sure it attracts.

There is almost no distinction between how you gain trust in a friend and how you gain trust in a brand. It unifies the same aspects: authenticity, honesty, and consistency.


How to create trust through branding

Building trust is the essential key to a good brand. So how do we create that? It is easier said than done, but let’s simplify the situation.

Recently you found somebody in a group of environmentalists on Facebook. That person lives nearby and you chose to grab a coffee together. You instantly connect because you share the same values– how wonderful to have found somebody that finally understands you! One day you see a post from that person, saying the environment heals itself and we should not focus on it too much. Strange. The other day you met your friend. You noticed disconnections between what is said and what is done. You also notice that you are the only one reaching out and that cancellations are being made last minute. So you chose to just let it be.

So what does it show us? If your brand is authentic, honest, and consistent, trust can be built. But if your brand does not have a clear stand, changes its values randomly, seems suspicious, and does not portray consistency? People will simply leave or not connect with it in the first place.

You can achieve all of those aspects, by knowing your brand to the core, speaking with crystal clear messaging that portrays magnetic and potent visuals. Consistency is and will always be the key to growth and everlasting brands.


So I’m good if I only have a Logo…Right?

Hell to the Nah. While being one of the most identifiable expressions of the brand, a logo is not the brand itself. And it is also not the first step to take to build a brand. Let us show you the chronological steps to build a brand:

1. Brand Identity
– Core Brand
– Elevator Pitch
– Detailed Identity

2. Branding Kit
– Logo & Fonts
– Colors & Elements
– Mood Imagery

3. Execution
– Website
– Digital & Print Material
– Social Media Templates


When should I start to brand my business?

As soon as possible. We know that starting a business brings many tasks and responsibilities, so focusing on branding might seem at the end of your To-Do List. But making it the #1 on your list will actually help you with everything else. Clarity is the best friend of growth. If we are clear on who we are, what we want to do, why we want to do it, and how we want to do it, everything that comes after has a solid foundation to build upon.


How can I achieve this?

By trying it yourself or hiring professionals like EyeSpy Marketing. If you wish to learn about the essentials of branding, we offer a free guide that you can download here. If you’d like to get it all done for and with you, you are in good hands. Book an attachment-free clarity call with us and we can discover how we can create brand magic that elevates you to the next level, together!


Why work with us?

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  • Authentic and empathic workflow with people that honestly care and want you to win
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