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Everything you need to get to your next level. It begins with you. And, it continues with EyeSpy Marketing bringing your goals into clearer view. We create uniquely lasting and impressive brands that are tailored to your vision.

L. Medina McKinney

Founder & CEO

Medina is excellent at communication, has a calm demeanor, and is skillful at  managing details. She lives by the principle of “flow not force”.

She utilizes diverse and practical insights to promote new ideas and motivate strategic/impactful transformation.

Medina thinks and works outside the box to make dreams a reality, bringing out the best in all so everyone wins!

– 20+ years of marketing event production
– 9 years leading a nonprofit
– 8 years of program management experience
– several years of training in transformational coaching

Credentials: Electronic Arts, General Electrics, California Bank & Trust, CCC Fair, SMUHSD, UC Berkeley & Facebook.

With her skills of transforming ideas into visual concepts, Sara-Lydia sees beyond what is said.

Her positive and empathetic approach leads to understandable and precise solutions.

German born with roots from Nigeria, she grew up with the values of accuracy and accountability, while still being approachable and fun to work with.

– Bachelor of Arts in Media Design
– Award of Typographic Excellence
– Several years of agency experience
– Freelancing since 2019

Credentials: BMW, Invenio Communication Solutions, Nikaia Media, Siemens

Sara-Lydia Markieton

Creative Director

Bigger than us

In bringing your brand to life, we scale our project team with effective and innovative professionals to create a collaborative and productive experience. Our ability to support brand building across many industries is rooted in the expertise of our team members in the following areas:

We see the core of what is needed.

We express the answer to those needs through dedication to detail and the technical use of storytelling to bring your brand to life.

Our mission is to build a strong brand identity that supports your vision and inspires your clients to connect and pay it forward. At the end of the day, EyeSpy Marketing lives for brands. We help build businesses. And, we love to see communities thrive.

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