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how to build a brand?

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We can brand you
to the next level.
And here is how:

You might have a Logo already, but do you also have a solid system? A Logo is really just the cherry on top. But what you actually need, is a whole cake. 

You have many great ideas, but you may not be where you want to be. That’s why we are here to help.

You started smart and you started small. We did the same. But your system needs to be built on a strong foundation or it might stay small forever.

There are great examples of brands that are recognized all over the world. And they all have two things in common.

They treat their brands like homes, by having a solid foundation and a consistent language that can carry the weight of their whole idea.

They know that crystal clear messaging and visual consistency play a major role in getting recognition and creating value.

So, how do we help you to get there? By practicing active listening, focusing on the core of your brand and transforming this into a tangible language supported by a strong visual concept. 

Showing up with integrity and authenticity are directly connected to the recognition value of your brand. And it starts with you.

Two chances
to make a
first impression.

Yes, two. We can rebrand your current business and take you to the next level. Don’t have a brand yet? Awesome. Ready to turn heads and leave an ever-lasting first impression?

80% of your first time visitors will abandon your website and never come back, if they don’t like what they see. 

Most businesses miss their chance to convert their visitors into clients because they spend too much time talking about everything but the true value of their product or service.

So let us show you how it's done. Three reasons why you should work with us:

We eliminate the competition by creating design that is focused on your core vision

Razor-sharp messaging that attracts and turns your visitors into customers

Authentic and empathic workflow with people that honestly care and want you to win

We all love clarity and seeing end results.

That is why we are able to let you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost you. The price for our full  Branding Package is $3,500. If you would like to see how we transformed other clients, click below to see examples. Our package includes:

Brand Identity
– Core Brand
– Elevator Pitch
– Detailed Identity

Branding Kit
– Logo & Fonts
– Colors & Elements
– Mood Imagery

– Website
– Digital & Print Material
– Social Media Templates

By the way, we are Sara-Lydia and Medina. Two passion driven women, that are dedicated to transforming lives. 

We strive to make
a difference and we...

value quality over quantity to ensure we can focus on you with our full attention. Your transformation experience is right around the corner. Let’s discuss how we can elevate your vision to the next level.